BIOSAFE Defenses is poised to revolutionize how disinfectants are viewed and used. More than ten years in the making, the labs that developed the technology received millions of dollars in funding from the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency to address growing concerns over biowarfare agents. The result is a new class of synthetic antimicrobials suitable for numerous commercial and consumer applications such as health care, our focus, but also includes foodservice, schools, public health agencies, certain manufacturing environments; any place where “bugs” can compromise health. BIOSAFE Defenses offers a number of opportunities:

Strategic Partnerships

We’re seeking partnerships with business and healthcare entities that can accelerate the commercialization of this new class of light-activated synthetic antimicrobials.


BIOSAFE Defenses’ extensive patent portfolio offers companies the opportunity to license one or more of our antimicrobial compounds for a specific use.


Our patent-protected antimicrobial compounds can be purchased for testing other solutions and products. Purchases for commercial use are pending EPA approval.


Our library of OPE and PPE compounds is extensive, exhibiting various properties. We can leverage our technology to your specific application.

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