Each year, 1.7 million Americans get hospital-acquitted infections; 99,000 die as a result. Costs associated with HAI are staggering: upwards of $35 billion annually. The healthcare industry is highly motivated to identify meaningful solutions, particularly because of the growing challenge of killing and controlling pathogenic microbes. BIOSAFE Defenses’ research and current efforts are focused on the healthcare industry; our light-activated synthetic antimicrobials are proven to kill and control a broad spectrum of pathogenic microbes—bacteria, viruses and fungi—more effectively, cheaply, safely, and in an auditable manner.

As we seek EPA approval, our plan is to launch an industrial grade disposable wipe in the healthcare segment of the $1.7 billion disposable disinfectants market, targeting hospitals, urgent care center, clinics, and medical practices. Our class of disposable disinfectants (those intended for use on non-critical surfaces) are regulated by the EPA rather than the FDA, which means the approval process for our compounds will be considerably shorter.

Healthcare is not the only sector that can benefit from our technology. Our light-activated antimicrobials, which adhere to glass, plastic, textiles, and metals, can be leveraged across multiple markets where public health is at risk of contamination.


There are 5,564 registered hospitals, 7,100 urgent care centers, 1,200 Federally Qualified Health Clinics, and thousands of medical practices that would benefit from Biosafe’s antimicrobial technology.

Restaurants / Foodservice

There are approximately 624,300 restaurants in the United States challenged to maintain hygienic environments or risk food-born illnesses. Biosafe’s antimicrobials could elevate hygiene.


The U.S. is home to 98,454 public schools, 30,860 private schools and 7,253 post-secondary schools. Biosafe’s antimicrobial technology would help schools maintain safe environments and prevent outbreaks of illness.


Many manufacturing industries must maintain sterile and/or food safe environments to ensure product safety and human health. Biosafe’s  antimicrobials are instantly auditable, something not possible with current products.

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