ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.Aug. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Current independent tests have confirmed that Biosafe Defenses’ patented antimicrobial compounds kill Covid-2 the virus that is the precursor to and causes COVID-19. But unlike other disinfectants, Biosafe’s conjugated polyelectrolytes continue to protect surfaces much longer than the 25-minutes for current disinfectants’ killing limits – and have continuous kill power for as long as 24 hours after a single application.

Bleach, alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide have all been found to kill COVID-19 when applied to tabletops, door handles, elevator buttons, bedrails, and other surfaces. But these disinfectants all share a common shortcoming: they need to be constantly reapplied about every 25 minutes to keep the surface wet, in order to continue killing the virus. A surface disinfected with bleach, alcohol or hydrogen peroxide is only safe as long as it remains wet. As soon as the disinfectant dries, the virus or other pathogen is free to take root again on the surface.

This is not the case with Biosafe’s conjugated polyelectrolytes, which continue to kill the viruses and bacteria for as long as 24-hours, even after an applied surface has dried. Indeed, independent tests recently conducted show that Biosafe’s light-activated antimicrobials can kill bacteria for long durations and have also been demonstrated to kill COVID-19 in vitro (in solution), and the same is expected for Covid killing on hard surfaces, which tests are underway.

EASY KILLING CONFIRMATION: To confirm that Biosafe’s antimicrobials are still killing pathogens, all that is needed is to shine a simple blacklight over an applied surface. If it glows green or orange, Biosafe’s antimicrobials are still killing the virus.

“The potential uses of this technology could be game-changing in this pandemic,” said Andy Pham, the chairman of the Biosafe Board of Directors. “Nurses would only need to disinfect exam rooms once a day, not every 25-minutes day and night. Instead of uncertainty whether a cleaning crew has accidentally skipped an area to disinfect, they would only need to shine a blacklight to confirm that the compound has been applied correctly over the entire surface and is working. If, say, a doorknob didn’t glow under the blacklight, the nurse would know to re-apply more disinfectant to that surface. But the applications don’t stop there. Our antimicrobials could help make it safer for Americans across the country to go back to work and school, or to feel comfortable boarding a plane again.”

For over 10 years, Biosafe Defenses, LLC has been the national leader in the development of conjugated polyelectrolytes, or CPEs, a revolutionary new class of antimicrobials that are not only far less corrosive than traditional disinfectants, but also are much more powerful, kill for longer periods, as long as 49-times longer than standard biocides, and are safe for the environment as well.

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, Biosafe moved quickly to test whether its CPEs would kill the Covid virus. Four independent tests conducted by the University of New Mexico with the live virus confirmed the Covid kills.

“These test results are very significant,” said Dr. David G. Whitten, a professor at the University of New Mexico and co-inventor of Biosafe’s technology. “These molecules will add to the toolbox needed to stop the spread of Corona across the globe,” added Kirk S. Schanze, the technology’s other co-inventor and Professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

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Biosafe Defenses, LLC is the exclusive owner of conjugated polyelectrolyte technology. Its light-activated, antimicrobial compounds deal broad-spectrum damage against viruses, bacteria, biofilms, yeasts, and fungi, even after applied surfaces have dried. Biosafe is a leader in the commercialization of this new class of antimicrobials and currently holds 15 already-issued patents on the compounds. For more information, visit

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