Our mission is to provide healthcare professionals with the tools they need to maintain a safe, healthy, infection-free environment for patients, providers, and staff at point-of-care sites throughout the United States and the world.

BIOSAFE Defenses is committed to solving a deadly problem. Each year, 1.7 million Americans get hospital-acquitted infections (HAI); 99,000 die as a result. Costs associated with HAI are estimated at upwards of $35 billion annually.

Founded on technology developed at elite research laboratories at the University of New Mexico and the University of Florida, BIOSAFE Defenses is developing a new class of light-activated synthetic antimicrobials fundamentally different from all others, with an initial focus on antimicrobial disposable wipes for health care. Our antimicrobial technology can be leveraged to other industries; any place where “bugs” can compromise health.

We’re in discussions with potential partners on additional products and exploring licensing agreements. We invite you to join us. Contact us now.